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1 / 2 2 2 2 n n 2 2 n x n sin E L L 2mL 2 x / 2 n n n 2 m 1 H ( x )e E n m 2 ---Tear off this sheet and begin exam---
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3 Physics 9HE-Modern Physics Midterm February 5, 2009 (100 points total) Name (printed)_______________________________________ Name (signature)_____________________________________ Student ID No._______________________________________ Are you interested in going on a Saturday tour of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory? Yes_______No_______. If yes, which date(s) are OK?: Feb 14______Mar 7______ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] (30 Points) In a classic experiment often referred to as the Harvard Tower Experiment, gamma rays of 14.4 keV energy from an Fe 57 source mounted on a sinusoidally vibrating speaker were directed upward toward an Fe 57 absorbing detector 22.6 m above it, as shown in the diagram below. The transition involved in the gamma ray also yields an extremely narrow energy spread of about 10 -8 eV, so the gamma ray energy has to be matched to this degree at the detector to be absorbed.
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