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Thesis Final Report (long)

A i have fun coming here and also i buy anything that

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A: I have fun coming here and also I buy anything that I need Q: So who do you come with? A: I come here with my husband and at times with my driver too Q: and you bring your children along too? A: Yes I bring them too Q: Are you a housewife? A: Yes I am Q: What do you usually buy from here? A: what do I buy? Over here, any household item like if you need something for your kitchen you can find it over here too. If you need to buy shoes… new shoes or old ones, new clothes, old clothes, based on one’s requirement on what he/she needs. For me, if I need clothes like three piece suit of lawn, in winters or summer, there is always a variety available here. All the retailers (pathans) who have shops in Gulf etc, they put up stalls here Q: So is it the only bazaar that you visit or there are others too? A: There is one near our home in Malir Halt that is “Hafta Bazaar” (Saturday Market). That is a grocery market Q: So do you buy vegetables/fruits from here? A: Yes I do buy them from here. If I come here than I buy it from here only Q: Do you know about the rate sheet that is available here for prices of fruits and vegetables? A: Yes I know about it Q: Do you bargain over the mentioned prices? A: Yes I do it a little bit because in Malir the rates are lower Q: So is there scope for bargaining here towards the grocery side? A: No. bargaining isn’t possible there as they say that we have our rates put up and if you want to buy it then buy it at that rate or don’t buy it. However there is comparison of rates. I have this habit of looking at the rates and then buying the item Q: Do you think of yourself as a good bargainer? A: Yes I think I am too good Q: I see that you are really confident about the way you say that you are a good bargainer…Why do you say so? A: I say so because I come here from six year now, when this was not much developed and I know the old rates and the new ones too. Now I quote the item for half price to the retailer and I take it home at half price 132
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Q: Let’s say, that I quote an item’s price as Rs. 1000. What price will you quote for it to the retailer? A: If you say Rs. 1000, I will bring it down to Rs. 600 at least… Q: How do you convince the retailer? A: I have an idea when I come.. I can judge the rates like I bought a suit of lawn for Rs. 350 at season end and now they are selling it for Rs. 700. I had this thing in my knowledge that it was for Rs. 350 and I remembered it so I went to the retailer and told him and of course he knew that it was being sold at that rate before. So last Sunday when I came here, I bought various designs of the same material for Rs. 400 only, the ones that they were quoting for Rs. 700. Q: So you think you can convince the retailer? A: Definitely Q: So do you feel that since the renovation of Sunday Bazaar, the rates have suddenly increased?
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