Handing up assessments without the adequate acknowledgement of sources used

Handing up assessments without the adequate

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Presenting the work of another individual or group as their own work. Handing up assessments without the adequate acknowledgement of sources used, including assessments taken totally or in part from the Internet. Copyrights You must be careful when copying the work of others. The owner of the material may take legal action against you if the owner’s copyright has been infringed. You are allowed to do a certain amount of copying for research or study purposes. Generally, 10% or one chapter of a book is acceptable, where the participant is studying with or employed by an educational institution. Asking Help from Trainer / Assessor You can ask help from your trainer/assessor if you fail to understand the question, however, do not expect the answers of questions from your trainer / assessor. Trainer/Assessor may be able to reword / re-phrase questions for easy understanding. Reasonable adjustment If you require any adjustments to accommodate a need in order to complete this assessment, please talk to your assessor. Arrangements will be put in place to ensure a fair and flexible approach is undertaken for this assessment. Learners may negotiate to customise assessment tasks to meet their individual needs in relation to workplace setting, interests, learning style, literacy or cultural background. Please note that the range or nature of the adjustment will ensure that the outcomes of the unit are not compromised. Please speak to your trainer/assessor for any special needs or refer to our special needs policy in student handbook. Specific Instructions Specific instructions relevant to specific assessment task are provided at the start of each assessment task. In case of any conflict between general and specific instruction, specific instructions will over rule general instructions.
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