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Darwin c 1846 geological observations in south

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Darwin, C. 1846. Geological observations in South America. Smith, Elder & Co. 279pp 1996. Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions (2 nd edition). Wiley. 776pp Fairbairn, H.W. 1949. structural Petrology of Deformed. Addison-wesley. 344pp. Fritsch, W., Meixner, H., andWieseneder, H. 1967. Zur quantitativen Klassification der kristallinen Schiefer. Neues. Jahrb. Mineral. Monatsch, 364-376. Goldsmith, R., 1959. Granofels, A New Metamorphic Rock Name. J. Geol., 67 , 109-110. Harker, A. 1939. Metamorphism (2 nd edition) Methuen. pp362 Harker, A., 1954. Petrology for Students (8 th edition). Cambridge University Press.283pp. Harte, B. 1976. Rock nomenclature with particular relation to deformation and recrystllisation textures in olivine-bearing xenoliths. Journal of Geology, 85 , 279-288. Higgins, M.W. 1971. Cataclastic Rocks. USGS Prof. Paper. 687 , 97pp. Hobbs, B.E., Means, W. D. and Williams, P.F. 1976. An Outline of Structural Geology . Wiley 571pp. Holmes, A. 1920. A nomenclature of Petrology. Allen and Unwin. 284pp. Knopf, E.B. 1931. Metamorphism and Phyllonitisation. Am. Jour. Sci., 21 , 1-27. Knopf, E.B. and Ingerson, E . 1938. Structural Petrology. Mem Geol. Soc. Am., 6, 270pp. Lapworth, C. 1885. The Highland Controversy in British Geology: its causes, course and consequences. Nature, 32 , 558-559. Le Maitre R.W. (ed) 1989. A classification of igneous rocks and glossary of terms. Blackwell Sci. Publ., 193pp. Le Maitre R.W. (ed) 2002. A classification of igneous rocks and glossary of terms (2 nd edition). Cambridge University Press. 236pp. Lorenz, W. 1996. Gneisses and Mica Schists. Chem. Erde, 56 , 79-94. Macculloch, J. 1821. Geological classification of rocks . Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown. 655pp. Mason, R. 1978. Petrology of the Metamorphic Rocks. Allen and Unwin. 254pp. Park, R.G. 1983. Foundations of Structural Geology.Blackie. 135pp. Powell, C.McA. 1979 A morphlogical classification of Rock Cleavage. Tectonophysics, 58, pp21-34. Quensel, P. 1916. Zur Kenntnis der Mylonitbildung, erläutert an Material aus dem Kebnekaisegebiet. Bull. Geol. Inst. of the Univ. of Uppsala , 15 , pp91-116. Sander, B. 1930. Gefügekunde der Gesteine. Springer. 352pp. Schmid R., Fettes D., Harte B., Davis E., and Desmons J., 2007. A systematic nomenclature for metamorphic rocks. 1. How to name a metamorphic rock. Recommendations by the IUGS Subcommission on the systematics of metamorphic rocks. SCMR website ( 0H www.bgs.ac.uk/SCMR ). Sibson, R.H. 1977. Fault rocks and fault mechanisms. Journal of the Geological Society (London) 133, 191- 213. Snoke, A.W., Tullis, J. & Todd, V.R. 1998. Fault-related Rocks: A Photographic Atlas. Princeton Univ. Press. Spry,A. 1969. Metamorphic Textures. Pergamon Press, Oxford. 350pp.
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Darwin C 1846 Geological observations in South America...

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