Read sternheim kane chapter 20 sections 1 e quipment

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Read Sternheim & Kane Chapter 20, sections 1. E QUIPMENT Diagram of Flux Simulation screen to right. Read the sections Flux Simulator and Measuring Constant Magnetic Field in the Software appendix. To make the measurement, a magnetic field sensor (Hall probe) is placed midway between two Helmholtz coils. The sensor can be rotated and the angle measured. The sensor measures the amount of magnetic field perpendicular to the area of the Hall effect chip (white dot). Fr ame's Ar ea Vector thr ough Fr ame Magneti c Fi el d Di r ecti on Fr ame Eye Fr ame Eye's vi ew of fl ux passi ng thr ough fr ame W ARM UP 1. Draw the coil of wire at an angle to a magnetic field. 2 . Draw and label a vector that you can use to keep track of the direction of the coil. The most convenient vector is one perpendicular to the plane of the coil, the area vector. Label the angle between the area vector and the magnetic field. 158
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