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Cognitive methods focus on identifying thought

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Cognitive methods focus on: Identifying thought patterns associated with worries and anxieties Specific methods: Psychoeducation Meditation Self-monitoring Problem solving Cognitive restructuring For OCD, be able to differentiate obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions Intrusive and recurring thoughts, images Compulsions Repetitive behaviors or mental acts person feels compelled to complete
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Know the cognitive-behavioral treatments for each of the anxiety disorders, with particular emphasis on the different forms of exposure therapy (e.g., interoceptive exposure, exposure with response prevention). In vivo exposure Direct exposure to a feared or avoided situation or stimulus Interoceptive exposure Intentionally elicit bodily sensations associated with panic in order to habituate to them Psychoeducation and cognitive restructuring Learn that symptoms are due to disorder not medical problems Transform frightened thoughts into more realistic thoughts Imaginal exposure Exposure to mental images of the fear-inducing stimuli, progressing from least to most anxiety-producing situations Exposure with response prevention Nothing bad happens if they don’t perform compulsion Cognitive methods Reduce irrationality and frequency of the patient’s intrusive thoughts and obsessions Focus on assessing the accuracy of the thoughts, making predictions based on them, and testing whether these predictions come to pass Family therapy and education of family members can be helpful
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Cognitive methods focus on Identifying thought patterns...

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