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Elements by sharing electrons both elements will

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elements by sharing electrons. Both elements will become,taUi" "na achieve an octet. 2) Example: carbon has 4 valence electrons and needs to shere 4 more to complete its octet. chlorine has 7 valenc" "t."ro* -a o""a, to;t";;. more to comprete its octet. one carbon can share "t"ttno*-*itt, + .rrr"*" "to#io b""o." stabG and reach an octet. 3) Nonmetd + p6ltetel = covelent Bond Both erernents become stable and reach an octet by rharingelectrons. . - lElal,I,rc BO,Yps Metals are made up of closely packed .-dio* rather than neutal atoms. The velence electrons arc mobile and drii i"irr, r"o- ;;p;;ii" i"tffiil;";;. Mctarr do not bond with one another' M"tulil; ;;ds consist ;irh.;t*.tion of free-fl;;r* varence erectnons for the positively charges metal io*' rr"t. Lr* o, trr" t*rrlrurn"ru* tn"i i"ia-i'avia.ar metars togetrrer. AIIoys are mixtures of 2 or more metars. Ex: stainless steer - (Fe, cr, c, Ni).
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Bonding Basics Review 1. Complete the chart using your knowledge of atoms. Element Atomic Symbol Total # of Electrons # of Valence Electrons # of Electrons Gained or Lost Oxidation Number Bromine Dr 35 'l le t- Lithium Li 3 I lt lt' Calcium [,o 2o z Zu 2r Sulfur J tb b Zg z- Boron t3 5 3 Vt 9r Silicon 5; t1 1 4a, \ l', IA< Phosphorus P t5 , lA to 3- 2. Ionic Bonds - Draw the Lewis structures for each atom, draw arrows to show the transfer of electrons, write the charge for each ion, and then write the chemical formula. (A) Potassium * Iodine II k + .tji: ki* k+ r- + : I.. (A) Fluorine + Fluorine r (B) Magnesium * Oxygen Mjo .-i$Rg' $ t4t'* '9' Aq"r o'- (B) 3 Hydrogen+ l Phosphorus tr? [email protected](oH -p (C) Lithium + Nitrogen 14N Li ' --.). ii,'?. .? L;I .-.?- Li + .'N:' 0t-;!t'13' ", - (C)2Hydrogen+1Sultur .{r L;+ 3. Covalent Bonds - Draw the Lewis structures for each atom, draw circles to show the electrons that are shared, and then write the bond structure and chemical formula. Ha>S: I H. s Hg P
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