Techniques in managing the affairs of the

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techniques in managing the affairs of the organisation have also changed its nature over the period of time. Therefore, managing a service system has become a major issue in the global competitive environment. Operations Management has been a driving force in the improvement of business practice around the world. Operations Management leads the way for the organisations to achieve its goals with minimum effort. Operations management is recognised as an important factor in a country’s economic growth. Operation management is the crucial area in the functioning of organisations and therefore, an in-depth study of the subject matter becomes essential. 1.2 OBJECTIVES Th is lesson will give you a wide knowledge on operations management, its’ concept, objectives of operations management and its’ different types. It is important for any manager to have a glimpse of overall content about any course. After completing this lesson you will be familiar with the concepts, objectives and types of operations management. 1.3 CONTENTS 1.3.1 Overview of the Topic 1.3.2 Historical Evolution of Production and Operations Management 1.3.3 Operating System Concept of Operations Distinction between Manufacturing Operations and Service Operations 1.3.4 Operations Management 1.3.5 Objectives of Operations Management Customer Service Resource Utilisation 1.3.6 Managing Global Operations 1.3.7 Scope of Operations Management Location of Facilities Plant Layout and Material Handling Product Design Process Design Production Planning and Control Quality Control Materials Management Maintenance Management 1.3.8 Types of Operations Management
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