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LGST 101 Lecture 9

Unlimited income from this movies but if you could

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Unlimited income from this movies But if you could make a copy, why would you go to the theater? o Disney argued this If you bought VCR, you could tape events Courts ruled against Disney Two reasons o Argument of other/alternative use (if you bought a VCR, you could tape your own things and make your own tapes) o There was non-copyrighted material on TV Allowing innovation was one argument (that’s in the Constitution), but protecting copyright is another argument Here, courts agreed with innovation, as there could be other uses to VCRs o Napster People are profiting one-on-one with songs Was a violation of copyright Copyright was stronger an argument than innovation or anything else o Groxter takes it a step further We give you software, and you can share files among yourself Is this copyright infringement? Lower court says no Supreme court says yes o Looks at intent o Since you advertised you are new Napster, and you encourage file-sharing, and you make money off of it, you are encouraging copyright infringement o Disney does the same thing it has been doing
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It still waits a decade to rerelease a movie But now it rereleases movies with some sort of improvement DuPont o Case of first instance This is the first time these particular facts have been heard o DuPont is putting together a plant to produce methanol Developed a process to make methanol in a plant o Plant was defended Reasonable protection to defend trade secrets o Plane flew overhead, took pictures Court ruled this was industrial espionage o Statute demands reasonable efforts to protect trade secret, which is what DuPont had Real Property Mostly real estate (land) Talks about anything permanently attached to land Most of our land law comes from England o Land could be granted to someone forever, wherever forever means 100 years Land is special land should not be tied up on decisions made centuries ago o Law is compelling you to review your decision o Possession of land must be reviewed after 100 years o This is a typical kind of relationship that comes out of English law Fee simple o You own and operate it – you can do whatever you want to do with it, as long as
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Unlimited income from this movies But if you could make a...

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