SCR Gate Characteristic For the circuit what voltage is required at point X to

Scr gate characteristic for the circuit what voltage

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SCR | Gate CharacteristicForthecircuit,whatvoltageisrequired at point X to fire the SCR?
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SCR | Gate CharacteristicForthecircuitassumethesupply115vrms,IGT=15mAandR1=3.What should R2be adjusted? 2
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SCR | ON & OFF Turning ON : Supply DC voltage > VBRF. Supply appropriate short pulse amount at gate terminal. Remains ON due to Regenerative Action. Turning OFF : Anode Current Interruption Forced Commutation
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SCR | Waveform < 90 º Conduction Angle, β Number of degrees in AC cycle during which the SCR is ON. Firing Delay Angle, α Number of degrees in AC cycle during which the SCR is OFF. α + β = 180 o α β V AK V LOAD
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SCR | Waveform > 90 º ?
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SCR | Power Computations Where: V avg = Average Voltage (V) V rms = RMS Voltage (V) V p = Peak Input Supply Voltage (V) P avg = Average Power (W) P rms = RMS Power (W) R L = Load Resistance ( Ω ) α = Firing Delay Angle ( deg or rad ) = 360 ft or 2 π ft sin 2 α sin 2 α
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