Chapter 10

S variable time schedule in which newcomers make

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S Variable time schedule in which newcomers make transition from outsider to insider Fixed schedule: standardized stages of transition (rotational training programs, probationary periods) e.g. 8- to 10-yr “associate” status that accounting & law firms use before deciding whether to name a candidate as a partner Variable schedule: give no advance notice of transition timetable (typical promotion system – individuals not advanced to next stage until they’re “ready”) Serial V S Random Serial Random socialization: role models are deliberately withheld (new employee is left on his own to figure things out) Investiture V S Divestitur e Investiture socialization: assumes newcomer’s qualities & qualifications are necessary ingredients for job success, so these qualities & qualifications are confirmed and supported Divestiture socialization: try to strip away certain characteristics of recruit e.g. fraternity, sorority “pledges” go thru this to shape them into proper role ** bold → more management relies on these kinds of programs (better) Effects of Layoffs - can mean that ppl who know the culture best leave the org. - Matching People With Cultures - Sociability : measure of friendliness (high ppl orientation, high team orientation, focus on processes) high sociability: ppl do kind things for one another w/o expecting sth in return; relate to each other in friendly, caring way Solidarity : strength of group’s task orientation (high attention to detail, high aggressiveness) Four-Culture Typology Sociability H IGH Networked Communal L OW Fragmented Mercenary L OW H IGH Solidarity
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P ART 4: S HARING THE O RGANIZATIONAL V ISION Sociability Solidarity D OWNSIDE Networked culture HIGH LOW - org view members as family & friends - ppl know & like each other, willingly help others, openly share info - strong sense of belonging - passionate identification w/ company product e.g. some family businesses focus on friendships can lead to tolerance for poor performance & creation of political cliques Mercenary culture LOW HIGH - fiercely goal-focused - ppl are intense & determined to meet goals - ppl have enthusiasm for getting things done quickly & powerful sense of purpose - not just abt winning; also abt destroying enemy - objectivity leads to minimal degree of politicking - may have lil tolerance for socializing / small talk can lead to almost inhumane treatment of ppl who are perceived as low performers Fragmented culture LOW LOW - made up of individualists - commitment is 1 st & foremost to members & their job tasks - lil / no identification w/ organization - employees judged solely on their productivity & quality of work e.g. some large accounting, law firms; uni’s
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S Variable time schedule in which newcomers make transition...

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