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DSST Business Ethics and Society 2

Harris vs forklift teresa harris was sexually

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Harris vs Forklift – Teresa Harris was sexually harassed by her employer, file suit claiming “abusive work environment” - employer countered and said that the harassment had not been severe enough to affect or impart her ability to work. Court agreed!!
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186) Nimby – an acronym for the phrase – “not in my back yard” – opposition by residents to a proposal of a new development a) Opposing residents are sometimes called nimbies 187) Ombudsman – a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between either the state or an organization a) Duties are to investigate constituents complaints and attempt to resolve them usually through recommendations or mediation 188) Federal Election Campaign Act – (FECA) of 1971 – is a United States federal law which increased disclosure of contributions for federal campaigns 189) ISO 14000 – a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment a) ISO 14001 – software to manage environmental operations 190) 4 P’s of Marketing Mix – Product, Price, Place, Promotion 191) Watson vs. Fort Worth Bank – black bank teller rejected 4 times in favor of white applicants for promotion, she claimed that the promotion policies discriminated against blacks and her personally a) Disparate impact analysis may be applied to claims of discrimination caused by subjective or discretionary selection practices
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Harris vs Forklift Teresa Harris was sexually harassed by...

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