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6/05/2019 19 U O W Acquired needs theory (McLelland) Certain types of needs are acquired during the individual’s lifetime Most common acquired needs: 1 Need for achievement 2 Need for affiliation 3 Need for power Slide 37 U O W Motivator hygiene theory Motivators Hygienes Need for achievement Need for power Need for affiliation McClelland’s learned needs ERG theory Growth Relatedness Existence Needs hierarchy theory Self- actualisation Esteem Belongingness Safety Physiological Content theories of motivation Slide 38
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6/05/2019 20 U O W Process perspectives on motivation Process theories Explains how employees select behaviours with which to meet their needs and determine whether their choices were successful Key perspectives: Goal-setting theory Equity theory Expectancy theory Slide 39 U O W Goal-setting theory (Locke and Latham) Motivation by setting specific, challenging goals that are accepted by subordinates Goals must Be specific. Be challenging. Be accepted. Have feedback. Slide 40
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