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Lets start with looking at how the clothes you wear

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Let’s start with looking at how the clothes you wear and your personal hygiene is just as important as keeping food outside the temperature danger zone. Off to work we go Most workplaces have a standard uniform for their employees. This uniform may identify your place of work with names or logos, your job role or your area of work within the organisation. Click on the icon to find out more. You may be allowed to wear whatever you want to work. In this case, you should be selecting clothes based on food safety requirements as well as comfort and image. Under the Food Safety Standards, food handler’s personal hygiene practices and cleanliness must minimise the risk of food contamination. You have a responsibility to do whatever is reasonable to prevent your body, anything from your body, or anything you are wearing, coming into contact with food or food contact surfaces. Let’s find out what you wear at work, and discuss how you can meet this responsibility. 3
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