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Off surround when the surround sees light it sends an

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Center surround- when the center photoreceptors are excited, this is an on-center system. Off surround- when the surround sees light, it sends an inbhibitory signal Off center, on surround The illumination in all the cells are uniform, but the other guys on the edge are on center off surround, and are less illuminated. On center off surround cells are on the border, their off surrounds aren’t as activated, and aren’t providing as much inhibition. Receptive Fields o Area of sensory apparatus (eg retina, skin) that responds to external stimulus (eg. Light, pressure Receptive field of a cortical neuron o The part of the retina to which a “higher neuron” is connected o The visual field o At each elevl past the retina, is a map or a series of maps of the retins o Representations differ with reference to: Precision (i.e. ability to localize; small receptive fields) Attributes coded (e.g., color/form) Amount of cortex which responds to that input More territory better acuity Point-to-point topographic organization o Point on skin (or retina) projects to a specific point in cortex o The larger the cortical region receiving input from that region of skin (or retina), the greater the ACUITY o A huge amount of V1 is dedicated to the input from the fovea (what happens when you move your eyes?) Visual pathway o Axons of the retinal ganglion cells optic nerve 1. superior colliculus (midbrain-optic tectum) 2. Lateral Visual Pathway o Basic principles: Left brain sees the right visual field Nasal sees lateral Temporal sees medial Nasal contra/temporal ipsilateral Both eyes see LVF and RVF
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Simple cells o If your retina moves, those particular ganglion cells won’t be active.
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