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Bses rajdhani power limited brpl and bses yamuna

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The two Delhi Distribution Companies, viz. BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) witnessed a complete turnaround in their performance during the year under review, by improving their financials from aR aggregate loss o{ Rs. 8J crore to an aggregate ngt profit of Rs. 67 crore during the year. All this is due to ihe Electricity Act 2003, which aims to benefit consumers by offering them the freedom o{ choice of suppliers, leading to competitive tariffs and improvement in the quality of power. Electricity would soon be made a service, which will be traded on benchmarks o{ customer satisfaction such as quality, pricing, and service. The interests of consumers will be served best by increasing competition in generation, transmission and distribution of power, thereby eliminating monopolies and bringing down unit costs of power. In order to see the high potential in this sector one can compare India (the total installed power generation capacity stands at .about 1,18,000 MW) and China (installed capacity _of 4,00,000 MW, nearly four times that of India). Over the last 5 yea1s, the average annual addition to power generation capacity in India is only Ms.55 @
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around 4,000 MW. In contrast, China has been adding over 20,000 MW of capacity every year, five times that of India, India is witnessing severe shortages in power availability, which is impeding our economic growth. Reliance Energy has a comprehensive plan to explore various opportunities in coal, gas, hydro and wind based power generation projects. REGL is taking initiatives towards coal based power generation, gas based power generation. Reliance Energy aspires to become a customer centric organization with a mission to provide uninterrupted, affordable, and clean power to millions of its customers. The year 2004 - 05 witnessed various steps and initiatives to meet Reliance Energy's commitments to international standards of customer service. To enhance service standards, they have introduced a series of customer-friendly services and amenities, including the following : User friendly and informative bills for easier understanding. First-in-world pioneering initiative of making the bill available in the language of customer's choice. Introduction of another path breaking step by launching bills for the blind in Braille. MS-55 o P.T.O.
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Introduction of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) to eliminate billing related errors. Increase in payment locations to nearly 1,000 to suit the customers' convenience. A single window, state-of-the-art 24 x 7 call center with multi skilled staff to respond to customer complaints. and queries. Redesigned international look customet care centers. Their power stations received several prestigious awards for Safety and Environment during the year that include Maharashtra Safety Award - 20Og for having the lowest accident frequency rate in the year, and for running uninterruptedly for over one million man-hours; National Safety Award 2O0g for its longest period of accident free operation; 4 Star Rating by the British Safety Council for its overall performance in Occupational
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BSES Rajdhani Power Limited BRPL and BSES Yamuna Power...

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