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A okay can we also record the audio of this interview

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Unformatted text preview: A: Okay Can we also record the audio of this interview? A: Yes Gender: Male Income Bracket: 25-30k Age bracket: 35-40 Profession: Medical Officer Q: Sir firstly, we would like to know where your residential area is? A: I live in Clifton Q: How frequently do you visit Sunday Bazaar? A: Uhmm... Twice a month Q: Is there a specific reason that you come to this market? A: You get a lot of things here… Q: Is there a specific item that you buy from here? A: Not anything specific…clothes maybe Q: What do you usually buy from here? A: I buy Vegetables almost every time. Other then that toys. Q: So do you prefer coming on the brand new items side or the second hand one? A: I usually come to the second hand side. Q: So why do you come here? 100 A: Over here it’s like you get everything you want Q: Do you prefer coming alone or with someone? A: I come here with family Q: So tell me, do you bargain? A: Yes I do bargain Q: and why do you bargain? A: According to my judgment, I think these retailers quote a much higher price, infact double, than what it should be Q: and how do you judge the price of an item? A: I believe the price is usually half of what they quote Q: So when you’re bargaining, how does the negotiation process begin? A: let’s say I like a thing. I usually ask the price for it. If I agree to it I will buy it or I would move forward if it is not up to what I have in mind Q: How much time do you invest on one retailer if you really want to buy an item? A: 5-10 minutes maybe Q: How do you feel when you buy an item for the price you want through bargaining? Sense of Achievement? A: I feel good…and yes I do feel that i’ve achieved what I wanted to Q: Does it feel like you’ve won against the retailer? A: Not at all Q: Do you sit and discuss with family member or friends in social gatherings about the things you’ve purchased from here? A: No I don’t tell them Q: and why is that? A: there are some people I would tell but usually I don’t Q: Do you visit other markets like Sunday Bazaar? A: no I don’t because this market is close by and I prefer coming here. Q: In comparison to markets like Gulf, do you feel this market is more economical? A: Yes prices are low here Q: Do you have a predefined budget when you come here? And do you at times overspend that limit? A: Yes…I usually come with a mindset that I will spend Rs. 1000. And at times I do overspend Q: How much time do you spend here? A: It depends on how much time I have on hand…2-3 hours (on prompting) Q: Is shopping the only reason for which you visit Sunday Market? A: Yes shopping is the only thing I come here for… Q: So as you’ve said that you buy vegetables from here, do you know that there is a rate sheet? Do you bargain on that?...
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A Okay Can we also record the audio of this interview A Yes...

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