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DB Forum 5 - Wilson, Lisa

The coupon deducts 300 from the price however i need

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The coupon deducts $3.00 from the price; however, I need to buy two packs of toilet tissue. The coupon was a print-out that was dispensed from the self-check-out machine at the conclusion of my shopping trip at Kroger on April 30, 2013 (Kroger, 2013). This particular coupon fulfills only the reminder form of advertising. I am quite sure there are many shoppers that also have a septic system and are only able to purchase 1-ply toilet paper. These shoppers would be very interested in this coupon, as well. Customer-Oriented Sales Promotions Coupons are marketing campaigns which entice consumers to try a product by offering them a discount in the price of the product (Kerin et al., 2011, p.370). As noted previously, Scott Brand utilizes coupons to sell more of its product. Scott Brand has been known to use both direct mail to get the coupon in the customers hands, as well as, instant coupons printed during the check-out process at a grocery store. Rebates are marketing campaigns in which the customer receives cash back from a purchase when one typically mails in a copy of the receipt to prove the purchase was made. I recall getting a rebate for Energizer batteries. The offer was a $2.00 rebate if I mailed the rebate form, along with a copy of my receipt, to the manufacturer.
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Push-Pull Marketing, Product Advertising, Customer-oriented Sales Promotions The pros of a coupon are: they are extremely sought after by consumers, they can be
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The coupon deducts 300 from the price however I need to buy...

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