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The customers that patronize delicious coffee house

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The customers that patronize Delicious Coffee House will be looking for not just a place to drink coffee but also some delicious sandwiches to satisfy their hunger. They will be coming to Delicious Coffee House because of our product and great customer service they receive. At Delicious Coffee House, the consumers are always welcomed like one of the family. Each cup of coffee or tea will be shared with family and friends. Delicious Coffee House is a meeting place for book clubs, corporate luncheons, and teenage hangout to surf the web using the free Wi-Fi that is provided to our consumers. Guiding Principles Delicious Coffee House is a diverse company that offers equal opportunity to all. Some of the employees’ ages range from 18 to 55 years old. This is because of the different backgrounds they can bring to the atmosphere at Delicious Coffee House. The social accountability that Delicious Coffee House brings to the community is the discounts that it gives on certain days of the week. Thursdays are senior citizen discount day where they get ½ off of a specialty drink. Mondays are student’s discount day where they buy one and get the other ½ off. This brings repeat customers to the coffee house. The ethics of Delicious Coffee House is what brings its social accountability to the consumers and community and that is why it is one of the top coffee house income earners in the state. Strategic Direction To correspond with the vision and mission statement of Delicious Coffee House, the direction it will be going will boost the profit margins for the coffee house. In four years, the
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5 STRATEGIC PLAN 1 coffee house income will be increased by 80 percent. This will happen by expanding to different locations in the state. The vision of the coffee house is to have 4 or more stores in the next four
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