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She does not know which portions of that discussion

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dump. She does not know which portions of that discussion were broadcast because she never saw the footage, but she agrees that she probably said words similar to those mentioned in the statement of claim, although she argues that those words have been taken out of context. Natasha stresses to you that this was a peaceful protest and that she intended to leave peacefully once the TV crew had left. She says that when Michael Angelo asked her to leave, she told him her intention to stage a brief, peaceful protest, and that she would leave soon. She did not want to leave before the TV crew arrived, although she did not mention the TV crew to Michael Angelo. However, when the TV crew left at around 10:00am, Natasha claims that Michael Angelo elbowed and kicked her repeatedly while she was still chained to the gate. When she finally managed to unchain herself, Natasha was in severe pain and called an ambulance. She was admitted to hospital and discharged the following day with severe bruising and pain, but no lasting physical damage. Natasha is convinced that this writ is an attempt to silence her. She is adamant that she not only refuses to be silenced, but she wants to hit back and claim damages for the injuries she suffered when Michael Angelo beat her while she was chained to the gate. Task : Draw an appropriate pleading on behalf of Natasha Green in response to the Statement of Claim. Your pleading should include all appropriate headings and formalities. Page 3 of 3
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