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Likely have noticed there is much more to the

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likely have noticed, there is much more to the profession of teaching then what goes on in the classroom. What other issues have you noticed, your cooperating teacher or you dealing with that you did not envision prior to being a part of this program. Which of these items are the most difficult 7) In viewing your experience in its totality, do you feel that teaching is a possible profession that you would like to explore in the future? What specific experiences have you had that led you to this conclusion? What are the positive aspects of being a teacher? What are the negative? Do the positives outweigh the negatives in your opinion? Explain? Also, describe the types of people you would recommend to go into this profession? What are the most important attributes of a teacher? Why? 8) A common misconception about teachers is that they teach subject matter. In fact teachers teach students. Describe a specific instance where curricular objectives became secondary to the needs of an individual child. What did you do in that situation? What would the effects have been if you had stayed focused on the subject matter being taught to the class rather than dealing with the needs of a student? In your experiences, have your teachers dealt more with “teaching subject matter” or “teaching students?” Which theory of teaching do you feel is more effective? On what do you base your conclusions? What difficulties does a teacher face if he or she subscribes to a particular philosophy?
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