Making announcements via gauchospace so it is

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making announcements via Gauchospace so it is essential for your success in this course that you access the website and update your email information to your most current email. The lectures notes will be posted as Powerpoint slides. I would recommend that you print these slides 4 or 6 per page and bring them to class to take notes on. I will do my best to have the notes posted 24 hours before the lecture. You are responsible for knowing the information posted on the website. Grading 1. Exams . Two exams will be given during the course. The exams will consist of approximately 50-100 multiple-choice and diagram questions. There will be NO make up exams so attendance is mandatory . Vacations, hang-overs, a runny nose, sleeping in late because you crammed all night instead of studying daily and the dog eating your notebook are not valid excuses for missing an exam and such reasons will fall on deaf ears. In addition, a final examination will be given. The material in this course builds on knowledge of basic processes and systems so the final exam questions are comprehensive in that I assume you understand the previously tested information. The final emphasizes your conceptual understanding of the material from the entire course and will be the same format as the exams. The final will have cumulative section, and then a new information section. Th ere will be NO make up final so attendance is required . Bring your Par-Score answer sheets and a #2 pencil to each exam session. Academic honesty is expected at all times. Cheating on exams in any form will result in an "F" grade on that exam
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making announcements via Gauchospace so it is essential for...

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