DSST Fundamentals of counseling

Language development is the most powerful

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Unformatted text preview: Language development is the most powerful multicultural issue yet it is the one that is most often ignored . In North America, a person who does not speak English well is often thought of as disadvantaged. This leads to condescension and talking down to the person when in fact the native English speaker is the less advantaged because he or she likely does not know another language at all. Socioeconomic status is a cultural issue that focuses on the economic standards of a person. Socioeconomics is not often thought of as a cultural issue but it is. Just as some ethnic groups are generally economically depressed, there is also a great deal of similarity between people of different ethnic backgrounds who are economically depressed. These people have a commonality based on the need for survival that transcends any other group commonalities. True or False: A client automatically prefers a counselor that is culturally similar to himself or herself. False The main factor for choosing a counselor is personality fit. Assuming that a client will prefer a counselor who belongs to the same cultural group is another form of stereotyping that needs to be avoided. Belonging to the same cultural group may enhance some therapeutic relationships but it may also produce blind-spots in others where an objective viewpoint might be able to add more valuable insight. Feminist therapy believes that traditional counseling theories are rooted in stereotypical assumptions about women. The feminist approach to therapy is very eclectic and demands different techniques and tools depending on the situation and the individual. Feminist theory also has to look at the woman within her cultural context as Asian women are different from Islamic women who are different from American women. Feminist therapy establishes an egalitarian relationship between the counselor and the client. The feminist counselor considers herself a partner with the client and there is an emphasis on mutual support and understanding. Feminist theory emphasizes sharing power and self-disclosure. An Andro-centric theory uses male oriented constructs to draw conclusions about the human population. Many psychological theories grew out of an era when men and women were viewed as possessing different personality traits based on gender alone. This a limitation of traditional therapies and must be recognized when assessing the usefulness of each to different situations. A Gender-centric theory proposes two divergent paths of development for men and women. Rooted in the notion that men and women are fundamentally different, some theorists have explained personality and behavioral differences in terms of gender alone. An Ethno-centric theory supposes that all facts related to human development are universal across cultures, races , and nations....
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Language development is the most powerful multicultural...

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