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The office of inspector general established in the

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The Office of Inspector General, established in the Department of Health and Human Services in 1976, investigates cases of (Points : 2) criminal mischief Medicare and Medicaid fraud criminal negligence patient abuse 8. Theft of 11 dollars from a patient's wallet (Points : 2) armed robbery trespass impropriety theft 9. Pharmacist who submits Medicaid claims for reimbursement on brand name medications rather than on the less expensive generic drugs actually dispensed (Points : 2) perjury fraud negligence wrongful kickback 10. Removal of a patient's healthy appendix while he or she is undergoing surgery for an unrelated condition (Points : 2) assault intentional harm battery felony 11. A contractor who agrees to undertake work without being under the direct control or direction of another and is personally responsible for his or her negligent acts (Points : 2) agent independent contractor employee supervisor 12. The federal act that provides that every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several states is illegal (Points : 2)
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Taft-Hartley Landrum-Griffin Sherman Antitrust Moratorium Doctrine 13.
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