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Burglary or motor vehicle theft 187 morality and

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Burglary or motor vehicle theft 187. Morality and Decency Crime – statutory rape, rape without force, most underreported crime 188. Victimless Crimes – prostitution, gambling, and drug use, and drug sales … know these a. Also crimes of morality b. Difficult to track down, no complaints issued c. Police resort to undercover work 189. Hate Crimes – also called Bias Crime - crime against an individual due to race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference 190. Domestic Disturbances – defined as assaultive behavior a. Domestic Violence – a serious crime has been committed to officers can exercise arrest powers, research however, indicates officers are reluctant to do that a.i. Options include: arrest, mediation, dispersal of the parties, refer to social services, or no action a.ii. Some states have implemented mandatory arrest for felony assault in a domestic violence situation, in attempt to take the pressure off the women to ask for an arrest and/or eliminate fear of reprisal 191. Secondary Victims – Indirect Victims – family and friends who suffer with the victim …know this 192. Victim Statement of Opinion (VSO) – the victims opinion on what sentencing they think the offender should receive 193. Right of Allocation – the defendant has the right to address the court after the conviction and before sentencing 194. White Collar Crime – also called Economic Crime, Corporate Crime, or Occupational Crime – crimes of person acting in their legitimate roles in business (Enron) 195. Uniform Crime Report (UCR) – annual report published by the FBI - statistical data of crimes reported to the police a. PART I crime – as listed on UCR b. Know which one is least likely to be solved… know these b.i. Homicide/Murder b.ii. Rape b.iii. Robbery b.iv. Aggravated assault b.v. Burglary b.vi. Larceny b.vii. Arson b.viii. Vehicle theft
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c. PART II crimes – those not listed as Part I crimes d. Non-Indexed Crimes – FBI compiles data on total number of arrests d.i. Numerous and less severe e. UCR has a hierarchy rule, if Jim killed John and set fire to a car and robbed a lady, this is reported as one crime. drawback to the system 196. Newly improved UCR is called National Incident Based Reporting System also known as NIBRS a. NOW collected at the incident level – old UCR was based on frequency calculations b. No longer has the hierarchy rule –and can also collect a broad range of characteristics such as whether it was drug or alcohol related 197. National Crime Victimization Survey – (NCVS) – bi-yearly study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) of specific households to determine the level of criminal victimization, particularly unreported - a. ongoing study that surveys victims about their experiences and law violations, b. contains reported and unreported crimes 198. (UCR) Uniform Crime Report & National Crime Victimization Survey – (NCVS) - Use historical data to predict trends – allow for comparison – prevent crime a.i. Drawback is that not all crimes are reported and certain crimes are victimless
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Burglary or motor vehicle theft 187 Morality and Decency...

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