Bai tap tieng Anh lop 9 Bai 6 The enviroment

Unless 50 i suggest collecting unused clothes lets 51

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Unless _________________________________________________________________________________ 50. I suggest collecting unused clothes. Let’s _________________________________________________________________________________ . 51. She failed in the exam because she was lazy. (because of + noun phrase) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 52. Ba is tired. He stayed up late watching TV. (because) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 53. Hoa broke the cup. She was careless. (since) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 54. We were disappointed. She didn’t keep her promise. (Adj + that) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Fill in each gap with a suitable word. countries – polluted – land – water – rivers – people – garbage – sea Our oceans are becoming extremely ______(55). Most of this pollution comes from the land, which means it comes from ______(56). Firstly, there is raw sewage, which is pumped directly into the sea. Many ______(57), both developed and developing, are guilty of doing this. Secondly, ships drop about 6 millions tons of ______(58) into the sea each year. Thirdly, there are oil spills from ships. A ship has an accident and oil leaks from the vessel. This not only pollutes the ______(59), but it also kills marine life. Next, there are waste materials from factories. Without proper regulations, factory owners let the waste run directly into the ______(60), which then leads to the ______(61). And finally, oil is washed from the ______(62). This can be the result of carelessness or a deliberate dumping of waste.
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