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Whole Foods Culture Notes

1 all work is teamwork teams have the power to

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1. All work is teamwork- teams have the power to approve new hires for full-time jobs. Store leaders screen candidates and recommend them for a job on a specific team. But it takes a two-thirds vote of the team, after what is usually a 30-day trial period, for the candidate to become a full-time employee. Team members are tough on new hires for another reason: money. The company's "gainsharing" program ties bonuses directly to team performance -- specifically, sales per labor hour, the most important productivity measurement at Whole Foods. Democracy reinforces discipline: vote for someone who doesn't perform, and your bonuses may go down within months. This hiring vote builds TRUST
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2. Anything worth doing is worth measuring- "no-secrets" management philosophy. Once a month, stores get detailed information on profitability. The report analyzes sales, product costs, wages and salaries, and operating profits for all 43 stores. Because the data is so sensitive, it is not posted publicly. But it is freely available to anyone who wants to see it. And store managers routinely review it with their team leaders. Since individual teams make decisions about labor spending, ordering, pricing -- the factors that determine profitability -- the reports are indispensable. The company asks questions about rank-and-file confidence in team leaders, store leaders, and regional leaders. It asks about fears and frustrations. It asks where the company seems to be straying from its values. "If you're trying to create a high-trust organization," he says, "an organization where people are all-for-one and one-for-all, you can't have secrets." 3. Be Your Own Toughest Competitor- Teams are expected to set ambitious targets and achieve them At Whole Foods, pressure for performance comes from peers rather
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1 All work is teamwork teams have the power to approve new...

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