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Ronald mcdonald allocate spending bring back lost

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Ronald McDonald – allocate spending; bring back lost customers *Tie-in: product placement* 1. What makes McDonald’s food products so popular? One reason McDonald’s food is so popular today is its standardization. No matter which McDonalds a customer visits he or she knows that the food is going to be the same. Initially, what made the food so popular were the cleanliness of the restaurants, the service and the quickness of the food. 2. What is the McDonald’s “brand”? What is McDonald’s brand equity? The McDonald’s brand is the golden arches. McDonald’s represents America’s number one fast food restaurant chain. McDonald’s brand equity is its burgers and fries. This equity is high because people are willing to go out of their way for a McDonalds food, although McDonald’s are becoming more prevalent. Customers always know how the quality of the food is going to be. 3. Does McDonald’s have a “unique value proposition”?
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The four Ps were focused around an operating mission to “Become our Customers Favorite Place and Way to Eat.” The product line is uniform through its assembly line. It is updated to have more healthy options now. Restaurants were modified to be more comfortable and hip. The “Balanced Active Lifestyle” which included Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer did promotions. The reason the new strategy was so successful was because it focused on introducing premium products that were sustainable versus short-term promotional items. McDonald’s strategically placed themselves in busy or convenient areas for many customers. 4. Does McDonald’s have a “unique value proposition” McDonald’s “unique value proposition” is QSC&V. It is also recognized for its golden arches, burgers, and fries. 5.
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Ronald McDonald allocate spending bring back lost customers...

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