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The papers will be submitted through a drop box in

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of your opinion on which author you agree with and why. The papers will be submitted through a drop box in Angel. The paper must be three to four pages long. A rubric for the papers is posted on Angel under “Lessons” – “Essays”. The due dates and issues are as follows: Paper 1: due July 29, choose one issue from Issues 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, OR 11 Paper 2: due August 17, choose one issue from Issues 8, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20, OR 21 Discussion Boards: There will be five discussion boards during the class. The discussion boards will be based on a specific issue in the Taking Sides, Clashing Views on Social Issues (Kurt Finsterbusch) textbook. Each student will post a brief summary of the two sides of the issue presented by the authors (i.e., the author’s main arguments) and your own informed opinion concerning the issue. Students will be given extra credit points for responding (commenting on) to at least one other student’s posting (5 points for responding to at least one posting and 10 points for responding to more than one). These responses must be more than just an “I agree” or “I disagree” statement. You must give reasons, new information, probing questions, and/or evidence to support your responses/comments. A discussion board etiquette guide is posted on Angel under “Lessons” – “Discussion Forums”. Points will be deducted for improper Internet etiquette. A rubric for the discussion boards is also posted on Angel under “Lessons” – “Discussion Forums”. The due dates and issues for the discussion boards are as follows: DB 1: July 15 (Issue 1) DB 2: July 22 (Issue 6) DB 3: July 29 (Issue 12) DB 4: August 5 (Issue 5) DB 5: August 12 (Issue 17) 3
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Power, Authority, and Exchange – ISS 225 Syllabus You will also have the opportunity to express your opinion or make a statement regarding current events or any subject covered in the class in the “Open Discussion Forum.” Participation in this discussion forum is voluntary, but encouraged. Since normal classroom discussion is not possible in an online course, this gives you an opportunity for “virtual” discussion. Grading: Distribution: Test One: 200 Test Two: 200 Test Three: 200 Paper One: 100 Paper Two: 100 Quizzes: 100 (25 points each) Discussion Boards: 100 (20 points each) TOTAL: 1,000 Scale: 900 + 4.0 749-700 2.0 899-850 3.5 699-650 1.5 849-800 3.0 649-600 1.0 799-750 2.5 < 600 0.0 The grading scale may be curved if necessary. Academic Integrity: Article 2.III.B.2 of the Academic Freedom Report states: “The student shares with the faculty the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of scholarship, grades, and professional standards.” In addition, ISS adheres to the policies on academic honesty specified in General Student Regulation 1.0, Protection of Scholarship and Grades ; the all-University Policy on Integrity of Scholarship and Grades ; and Ordinance 17.00 , Examinations.
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