Table 12 Potential constraints for draught animal technology CONSTRAINT IMPACT

Table 12 potential constraints for draught animal

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Table 1.2 Potential constraints for draught animal technology. CONSTRAINT IMPACT high medium Low Diseases Availability of (draught) animals No tradition in DAT Size/type of animals Animal husbandry practices Availability of feed * Availability of veterinary services and medicines Availability of implements/harnesses Availability of service for the equipment (artisans, blacksmiths etc) Availability of training for animals and operators Availability of credit Other (local factors) ** X X X X X X X X X X X X * this could include: - availability of pasture land - competition for land resources (feeding animals or human beings?) - availability of concentrates, water etc. ** for example: cattle theft, lack of manpower for grooming, herding, etc. (FAO,1990, p 6)
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