Direction and magnitude of total forces shall be determined from the geometry

Direction and magnitude of total forces shall be

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for the entire depth of the gridiron. Direction and magnitude of total forces shall be determined from the geometry of the rigging system including load concentrations from spot line rigging. Locking rails shall be designed for a uniform uplift of 500 psf (3447 kN/m 2 ) with a 1,000 pound (454 kg) concentration. Impact factor for batten design shall be 75 percent and for loft and head block beams shall be 25 percent. A plan drawn to a scale not less than ¼ inch (6.4 mm) equals one foot (305 mm) shall be displayed in the stage area indicating the framing plan of the rigging loft and the design loads for all members used to support scenery or rigging. Gridirons over stages shall be designed to support a uniformly distributed live load of 50 psf (2.40 kN/m 2 ) in addition to the rigging loads indicated. 1607.3 Uniform live loads. The live loads used in the design of buildings and other structures shall be the maximum loads expected by the intended use or occupancy but shall in no case be less than the minimum uniformly distributed unit loads required by Table 1607.1. 1607.4 Concentrated loads. Floors and other similar surfaces shall be designed to support the uniformly distributed live loads prescribed in Section 1607.3 or the concentrated load, in pounds (kilonewtons), given in Table 1607.1, whichever produces the greater load effects. Unless otherwise specified, the indicated concentration shall be assumed to be uniformly distributed over an area 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet [6.25 ft 2 (0.58 m 2 )] and shall be located so as to produce the maximum load effects in the structural members. 1607.5 Partition loads. Weights of all partitions shall be considered, using either actual weights at locations shown on the plans or the equivalent uniform load given in Section 1607.5.2. Partition loads shall be taken as superimposed dead loads. 1607.5.1 Actual loads. Where actual partition weights are used, the uniform design live load may be omitted from the strip of floor area under each partition. 1607.5.2 Equivalent uniform load. The equivalent uniform partition loads in Table 1607.5 may be used in lieu of actual partition weights except for bearing partitions or partitions in toilet room areas (other than in one- and two-family dwellings), at stairs and elevators, and similar areas where partitions are concentrated. In such cases, actual partition weights shall be used in design. Except as otherwise exempted, equivalent uniform partition loads shall be used in areas where partitions are not definitely located on the plans, or in areas where partitions are subject to rearrangement or relocation
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Table 1607.5 EQUIVALENT UNIFORM PARTITION LOADS Equivalent Uniform Load (psf) Partition Weight (plf) (To be added to floor dead and live loads) 50 or less 0 51 to 100 6 101 to 200 12 201 to 350 20 Greater than 350 20 plus a concentrated live load of the weight in excess of 350 pfl.
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