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You need to understand the actions you need to do in

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college. You need to understand the actions you need to do in order to be accepted into a prestigious college of your choice. Mrs. King has always had a biblical stand point to everything. You need to do exceptionally well on ACT and SAT. Your test score will be a reflection on the type of student you are. Picking the right school is very crucial. We’ve discuss the importance of living arrangements. You need to have a roommate who is someone you wish with. We also talk about college loans. It’s best to get as many scholarships as you possibly can. The more money is given to you, the less you don’t have to come out of pocket. Mrs. King is an inspiration to me because of the advice she gives me every day while sitting in her class. She always starts the class with devotion and prayer. She begins the class with Jesus. Since she has done many careers centered on banking industry, her advice is very relevant to me. The three topics that are mention in my essay, to have a relationship with God, how to under your means of spending, and preparation for college, are only a snippet of what she has ever done with the class. Her style of teaching is very active and eccentric. She is one of the greatest teacher and a wonderful role model. My conclusion is that I learned things that will I carry for the rest of my life. I will never forget the ways she taught to the class. It will always be embedded in me forever.
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