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Something like a neopet with exercise but im pretty

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something like a neopet with exercise, but im pretty lost as to what that means and how that is different from competitors. Try to be a bit more concise and get the point across right away of what it is and how it’s better. Business Model We’re targeting toy and drug retailers, children’s hospitals, schools, pediatrician offices, and other appropriate spaces as our distribution channels. We’re a product based company planning to manufacture in China and outsource our programming to India to develop our proprietary backend online system to improve the interactive nature of our product. Our costs are manufacturing costs, backend online interface maintenance, and retail fees. How are you making money? Do you work more like a distribution company of the toys that will be made in China, or are your liscensing your patent on the toys to
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bigger companies? – Not bad business model, consumer product – that is pretty easy for investors to understand, make and sell. Bottom Up Research We plan to make a survey and hand them out at toy stores, Hasbro, CVS, and local public and private elementary and high schools. The survey will involve a two step process – the first will be a preliminary, broad survey; the second will be a more specific survey, focusing on feedback we received from the initial. This will help us determine the
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something like a neopet with exercise but im pretty lost as...

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