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MOSAICS II Lecture Notes Illiad Books 9, 12, 14, 15, 16

Book 14 o heras plan is to distract zeus so that she

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Hector is. Book 14 o Hera’s plan is to distract Zeus so that she can help the Achaeans behind his back. She visits Aphrodite and tricks her into giving her an enchanted breastband into which the powers of Love and Longing are woven. Uses that against Zeus. o Greeks charge back and Trojans are the ones that are falling behind. Bloody war o The gods’ attitudes toward the war at this point want their side to win but at the same time it’s still entertainment for them.
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Book 15 o When Zeus awakens, he sees the havoc that Hera and Poseidon have wrecked while he dozed in his enchanted sleep. o Zeus tells Hera that he will again come to their aid, but that Troy is still fated to fall and that Hector will die after he kills Patroclus. He then asks Hero to summon Iris and Apollo. Iris goes to order Poseidon to leave the battlefield while he reluctantly agrees to do, while Apollo seeks out Hector and fills him and his comrades with fresh strength. Book 16 o Describe Patroclus. He is brave His plan basically was to wear Achilles’ armor to make it look like Achilles was coming back to fight in the way He is Achilles’ best friend. o Achilles and Patroclus are very close friends and Achilles cares for Patroclus. o Achilles tells Patroclus to wear his armor and allow him to fight with his armor only until he saves a ship.
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