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4b3 you can recognize that i achieved my goal when

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4b3. You can recognize that I achieved my goal when you see that I can stick up for myself. You can also see that I have accomplished my goal by noticing I am more assertive and more confident in myself and with my responses to people. 4C 4c1. Before telling my friends that I can not to something or staying after work for someone I will ask myself, do I have something planned? Is there homework that I still need to finish? 4c2. Before telling a family member that I can not to something for them, make sure that I hear them out and if I can help them help them but if I can’t, just explain why I can’t and assure them that I am not blowing them off. 4D These behaviors would amplify that I have achieved my goal. I would not lose my friends, if they are true friends, if I explain why I can or cannot do something. I would be putting myself in mind and thinking if a decision would be positive or negative for me. There behaviors will also show that I have achieved my goal by me showing that I am not stressed out or feeling pressured. And if I feel pressure I will express my feelings toward the subject. 4E My new goal is to learn how to say to no to people in my life without feeling bad or obligated to do so. I want to be able to go to work and still make friends without feeling like a push over or used. And I want to be able to say “no” to family member without feeling like I owe them. I will achieve my goal when I build up my confidence with others. I will have also achieved my goal when I explain myself and do not feel guilty and when I put myself first and not let people walk all over me.
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