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the attitudinal self-assessment activity

With little or no expectation of return working in

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with little or no expectation of return Working in and respecting authority and the chain of command Living and applying their principles to all situations
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The Attitudinal Self-Assessment Overview (page 2) Core attitudes descriptions “Th” theoretical – will use cognitive ability to understand, discover, and systemize the truth. GOAL: discovery of truth “Ut” Utilitarian – will strive to have every investment bring a greater return in time and/or resources. GOAL: utility and what is useful in life “Ae” aesthetic – will enjoy and experience the beauty around them and allow it to mold them into all they can be. GOAL: self-actualization “So” social – will invest themselves, their time, and resources in helping others achieve their potential. GOAL: to eliminate hate and conflict in the world “In” individualistic – will advance to the highest position in life and gain the greatest power. GOAL: to lead and direct others “Tr” traditional – will pursue the highest meaning in life. GOAL: to search and find the highest value in life
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