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Operate and maintain infrastructure networks and

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Operate and maintain infrastructure Networks and servers must be monitored, tuned, and repaired System outages are expensive o Respond to threats to infrastructure Protect Infrastructure and Data from Threats o Threats to infrastructure and data from : Human error and mistakes, malicious human activity, natural events and disasters o IT department helps organizations manage risk Identify potential threats, estimate financial and other risks, specify safeguards, determine which level of risk to assume How Is the IT Department Organized? o Chief information Officer (CIO) Principal manager o Technology office Investigates new information systems technologies for possible application at organization o Operations Manages computing infrastructure o Development Manages process of creating new information system Maintains existing system o Outsourcing relations Handles affairs with outsourced systems
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o Data administration staff functions Establishes data standards and data management practices and policies What IS-Related Job Positions Exist? o Systems analyst, programmer, PQA test engineer, consultant How Do Organizations Decide How Much to Spend on IT? o Analyze costs and benefits of system Estimate dollar costs Value tangible benefits Value intangible benefits Compute costs and tangible benefits to see if project is justified What Are Your IS Rights and Responsibilities? Your Rights o Resources to perform work proficiently o Reliable network and internet services o Secure computing environment Your Responsibilities o Learning basic computer skills and techniques o Following security and backup procedures o Making no unauthorized hardware modifications
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