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See chapter 5 a service level agreement sla defines

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See Chapter 5. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines minimum performance metrics of an application or service. 63 CRCs, parity checks, and checksums are examples of A. Corrective application controls B. Message digests C. Preventive application controls D. Detective application controls Answer: D See Chapter 5. They're examples of detective application controls because they're designed to help discover security breaches (as well as network malfunctions and other undesired events) in a network. 64 Data mining See Chapter 5. Data mining is the term used to describe searches for correlations, patterns, and trends in a data warehouse. 65 Object-oriented and relational are examples of See Chapter 5. Object-oriented and relational are types of databases. 66 Neural networking gets its name from
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See Chapter 5. Neural networks are systems that can detect patterns after a period of training. 67 The verification activity associated with coding is called A. Unit testing B. Design review C. System testing D. Architecture review Answer: A See Chapter 5. Unit testing is the testing of small modules of code, and this testing verifies that the coding was done correctly. 68 What's the primary input of a high-level product design? See Chapter 5. Requirements are the single largest input used in the high-level product design phase. 69 The main improvement of the waterfall software life-cycle model over earlier models is See Chapter 5. Going back one step for rework was the main improvement of the waterfall model. This improvement is important because any of the steps may fail to consider something that the next step uncovers. 70 The primary feature of the spiral software development model is that A. It shows cumulative project cost over several development iterations. B. It includes Risk Analysis as a milestone. C. It includes security assessment as a milestone. D. It's suitable for only software integration, not software development.
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See Chapter 5 A Service Level Agreement SLA defines minimum...

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