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Voicemail Pro Recording Administrators. One instance on each node of the Small Community Network (SCN) that the calls are recorded from. If all recording is to be done on the Primary node then one instance is required. This license enables Contact Recorder (IPO 10) or Media Manager (IPO11). Contact Recorder requires a separate Application Server. IP Office 10, 10 Select, 11 11 Select ACCS ENABLEMENT licenses Ensure the correct IP Office “ACCS enablement” license is provisio ned to enable ACCS connectivity for both new and upgrade IP Office systems. This is a default entitlement for every IP Office 10, 10 Select, 11 and 11 Select). 383134 IPO R10+ ACCS ENABLE LIC 382924 IPO-SL R10+ ACCS ENABLE LIC 383693 IPO-SL R10+ ACCS ENBLMT UPLT LIC 383663 IPO R10+ ACCS ENABLE ADI MG LIC When ACCS is deployed with an IP Office Resilience pair, ensure the Standby IP Office system contains the following licenses to enable ACCS connectivity: One Avaya IP Endpoint license One CTI Pro license ACCS enablement license (default entitlement for every IP Office 10, 10 Select, 11 and 11 Select) This applies to both ACCS standalone and ACCS Business Continuity configurations. The Standby IP Office system does not require the inclusion of VMPro Recordings Administrators license system or Voice Mail Pro licenses, as the Call Recording functionality is licensed from the primary IP Office.
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