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First community bank spent a considerable amount of

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First Community Bank spent a considerable amount of money updating their lobby with plush sofas, a big screen television, and a refreshment counter with popcorn and soft drinks. However, very few customers spend time in the lobby. In fact, most customers want to be in and out of the
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bank, with their financial transaction completed as quickly as possible. The gap model of service quality would suggest that a gap exists between: what customers want and what management thinks customers want A continuing problem for most Minor League Baseball (MiLB) teams is low attendance. Event and venue sponsors want to see fans in the stadiums, and the players appreciate fan support. Given this information, which pricing strategy would you recommend MiLB teams use? Patronage-oriented pricing Refer to Grizzly watching. The bear watching tour customers want high quality service. The customers going on bear watching tours want to see some bears but also spend most of their time engaging in group activities with their friends on the tour, such as trekking, backpacking, fishing, canoeing, or hiking. The Great Bear Nature Tours Management is aware that the customers want high quality tours but thinks that the customers measure quality only on the number of bears they see on a tour. Therefore, the management rewards its tour guides based on the number of bears seen by customers, and the tour guides might be willing to accept more risk in seeking out the bears than customers would really want. In the end, the customers see more bears than they would like and not engage in group activities with friends as they expected. Which service quality gap is described in the last sentence of this paragraph? A gap between the service the customer receives and the service they expect. Virtual Bellhop is a company that ships awkward sporting goods to vacation destinations so its customers to not have to worry about lugging them through airports or having them damaged in transit. Thus far, its record for getting the sporting equipment to the correct destination for the vacationer is perfect. This indicates the company excels at which component of service quality? Reliability One of the reasons consumers can purchase cheap flights or hotel rooms on Web sites such as Expedia.com and Hotels.com is due to the fact that airlines cannot sell the seat on a specific flight after the plane takes off or hotels cannot recoup the revenue from that room for that night once the night passes. Which unique characteristic of services does this illustrate? Perishability Which country is the world's largest exporter of services? United States To improve its friendliness, the First National Bank hired Joy as a greeter. Joy's job is to sit at a desk near the front lobby and greets customers as they enter with a warm friendly smile along with a "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon." Unfortunately, Joy is also required to answer the bank's main telephone line. Since she spends most of her day on the telephone, Joy rarely gets to
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First Community Bank spent a considerable amount of money...

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