Before and its not easy i think rehab and injury

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before and it’s not easy. I think rehab and injury prevention is probably the most important part of AT. I learned how to restock the tape tables. Ask what else I can do to help. It was a slow day so there wasn’t much to do but I’m sure I could have found some other things to do had I asked. Observation Day #4 What Happened? Have I done/seen this before? How do I feel about it? What did I learn? What would I do differently, after thinking about it? The ATR was a lot busier today. One of the volleyball players was getting her shoulder checked out before practice; she was told to ice and let her shoulder heal for the day. I also watched an E- Stem be set up on an athlete’s back. I was asked to give an ice cup massage and helped fold towels, pillow cases, etc. Yes. The E-Stem is great for muscles and is quite relaxing. I also help fold laundry at home so that didn’t take long. It was a busy day so it was nice to see how efficient the ATC’s are. They treated multiple athlete’s in a short period of time and it was pretty cool to see. I learned how to give an ice cup massage. It’s not complicated and it was cool to do something hands on. I would ask more questions, as always. Observation Day #5
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before and its not easy I think rehab and injury prevention...

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