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Solving it allows you to be able to listen to

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solving; it allows you to be able to listen to multiple angles of a problem and then select the best solution. This is a sought-after skill in the public relations field because much of the profession handles peoples and companies’ images and problems. Writing Writing has become a talent that most people do not enjoy enough to practice excellence in, I however, have found writing a joy since grade school. My capability to write effectively has earned me various awards, for example, it granted me a scholarship because I had written the best essay about an inspirational character out of thousands of applicants. It also allowed me to breeze through standardized tests like the SAT in high school, and even the GSP (grammar, spelling, and punctuation) test in college which you are required to pass in order to become a PR major at any university. Public relations is a writing intensive career, my knowledge of writing I have expanded through my college career makes me an outstanding candidate to work in this job market. Reading Just as writing is a skill that most of my generation chooses to neglect so is reading. Reading has been a passion of mine since I first taught myself to read by memorizing the child’s book The Cat in The Hat (much to my parents surprise). Over time I developed this passion into a skill that allows me to read material that I am required to read, like textbooks, effortlessly. Reading is also a skill and hobby that are essential in any PR job, by possessing this skill as a passion of mine I’m ahead of all of the college graduates who dread reading required material. Weaknesses While I am proficient in strengths that put me ahead of other recent college graduates in my class, I also posses weaknesses that set me back as well. These are things that I must work on improving since I strive to be one of the best college graduates applying in the public relations job field. These personal weaknesses include: organizational skills, the ability to manage time
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7 wisely, keeping a successful budget, and lack of job experience in my desired field. These weaknesses, just like the strengths listed previously, are not in any order, nor do they have any substantial weight compared to another. Organization Organization is important in a career path, even in daily life, and is unfortunately one of my disadvantages. This skill is significant because if it is mastered it allows you to stay on top of everything in your professional life to social life and even private life. While I realize being organized would simplify my life it is still a flawed skill of mine. However, I am taking action to improve upon it by keeping a planner up to date, and also writing down everything I need on a large desk calendar. By exercising this skill and looking at both constantly I should help to improve this weakness.
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