Using oral communication skills to maintain positive

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c. Using oral communication skills to maintain positive and respectful relationships In order to do this you will need to: 2. Develop meaningful relationships with each of these people considering: a. Performing in a manner that promotes trust and goodwill b. Identifying social, cultural and spiritual needs and respect each one c. Remaining confidential and private with all communications and reporting d. Identification of enablers and disablers e. Encouraging the client to support themselves as much as possible 3. Provide services that incorporate: a. Empowerment the clients b. Their ideas c. Modification methods d. The duty of care 4. Support the rights of each person including: a. Assisting them to understand their rights b. Upholding their rights c. Identifying breaches and respond appropriately d. Recognising any neglect or abuse and reporting same e. Assisting them to access other support services 5. Promote the health of each of the older people you are working with including: a. Encouragement to enable them to participate actively b. Assisting them to understand how aging affects their daily living skills c. Maximising engagement d. Using aids to assist them e. Identifying risks and discussing these risks with the clients 6. Throughout your assessment you will need to work legally and ethically with each client. To demonstrate this you will need to discuss each of the following in relation to your clients with your trainer/assessor: a. Codes of practice b. Discrimination
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STUDENT ASSESSMENT CHCAGE001 Facilitate the empowerment of older people Student Assessment CHCAGE001 Version: 3.0 Responsibility: Director of Studies Page 3/22 Implemented: 30 June 2016 Last Updated: 30 June 2016 Einstein College of Australia Provider No:22459 CRICOS: 03223E ABN: 46 129 237 092 c. Dignity of risk d. Duty of care e. Human rights f. Privacy, confidentiality and disclosure g. Work role boundaries responsibilities and limitations h. Work health and safety Your 2 observations will be observed as follows: 1 observation by your host employer / workplace supervisor 1 observation by an Assessor from your College (These are to be recorded in your Work Placement Record Book that will be given to you by your assessor) To be assessed on: _______________________
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