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Act with confidence by answering or finding the

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Unformatted text preview: Act with confidence by answering or finding the answers to customer questions and finding solutions to customer issues. D. Maintain a position of trust and responsibility by keeping all customer business confidential. E. Follow the Bancorp Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other related policies, maintaining ethical behavior at all times. Bank Operations/Transactions A. Perform daily office responsibilities, working with the Customer Services Manager, to maintain the efficient operation of the office. B. Maintain personally a balancing record that is in line with policy and have the ability to find and correct outages and to enlist help as needed for more difficult errors. C. Maintain knowledge of the bank policies and financial center procedures, and take responsibility to keep up to date on any changes. D. Handle consumer and business customer problems with professionalism, directing more complex issues seamlessly to the Customer Services Manager, or other management as necessary. E. Demonstrate sound judgment in decision making, abiding appropriately to established guidelines and procedures. Referrals A. Consistently meet or exceed sales referrals as set by management. B. Continuously increase knowledge and skills through self-motivation, formal education, seminars and in-house training....
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