Before coming to lab each week you must read the

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Before coming to lab each week you must read the appropriate sections of your text, read the assigned problems to develop a fairly clear idea of what will be happening, and complete the prediction and warm-up questions for the assigned problems. Often, your lab group will be asked to present its predictions and data to other groups so that everyone can participate in understanding how specific measurements illustrate general concepts of physics. You should always be prepared to explain your ideas or actions to others in the class. To show your instructor that you have made the appropriate connections between your measurements and the basic physical concepts, you will be asked to write a laboratory report. Guidelines for preparing lab reports can be found in the lab manual appendices and in this introduction. An example of a good lab report is shown in Appendix G. Please do not hesitate to discuss any difficulties with your fellow students or the lab instructor. Relax. Explore. Make mistakes. Ask lots of questions, and learn what is true! 3
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