Domain requirements are also discovered at this stage

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Domain requirements are also discovered at this stage. Requirements classification and organisation Groups related requirements and organises them into coherent clusters. Prioritisation and negotiation Prioritising requirements and resolving requirements conflicts. Requirements specification Requirements are documented and input into the next round of the spiral. 30/10/2014 Chapter 4 Requirements Engineering 31 Requirements discovery The process of gathering information about the required and existing systems and distilling the user and system requirements from this information. Interaction is with system stakeholders from managers to external regulators. Systems normally have a range of stakeholders. Chapter 4 Requirements Engineering 32 30/10/2014 Interviewing Formal or informal interviews with stakeholders are part of most RE processes. Types of interview Closed interviews based on pre-determined list of questions Open interviews where various issues are explored with stakeholders. Effective interviewing Be open-minded, avoid pre-conceived ideas about the requirements and are willing to listen to stakeholders. Prompt the interviewee to get discussions going using a springboard question, a requirements proposal, or by working together on a prototype system. Chapter 4 Requirements Engineering 33 30/10/2014 Interviews in practice Normally a mix of closed and open-ended interviewing. Interviews are good for getting an overall understanding of what stakeholders do and how they might interact with the system. Interviewers need to be open-minded without pre- conceived ideas of what the system should do You need to prompt the use to talk about the system by suggesting requirements rather than simply asking them what they want. 30/10/2014 Chapter 4 Requirements Engineering 34 Problems with interviews Application specialists may use language to describe their work that isn t easy for the requirements engineer to understand. Interviews are not good for understanding domain requirements Requirements engineers cannot understand specific domain terminology; Some domain knowledge is so familiar that people find it hard to articulate or think that it isn t worth articulating. Chapter 4 Requirements Engineering 35 30/10/2014 Ethnography A social scientist spends a considerable time observing and analysing how people actually work. People do not have to explain or articulate their work. Social and organisational factors of importance may be observed. Ethnographic studies have shown that work is usually richer and more complex than suggested by simple system models. Chapter 4 Requirements Engineering 36 30/10/2014
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