However with the given definition of data redundancy there are different

However with the given definition of data redundancy

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However, with the given definition of data redundancy, there are different classifications based on what is considered appropriate in database management, and what is considered excessive or wasteful [23] . Wasteful data redundancy may occur when a given piece of data is not meant to be repeated, but eventually becomes duplicate due to inept coding and, or process complexity [23] . Sometimes developers do not consider it acceptable for data to be stored multiple places. If so, there is no central and master field of space for the data. That means, there is no way to update data all of the places and the data isn’t redundant through one central access point. This situation leads to big problems with data inconsistency, where one update does not automatically update another field. As a result, pieces of data that are supposed to be identical end up having different values [23] . According to the gathered information and supporting arguments found in various sources, it is convincing enough to say that data inconsistency is likely to occur if there is data redundancy. Data redundancy occurs when the database file has redundant and unnecessarily duplicated data. That’s why one major goal of good database design is to eliminate data redundancy [2] . 3.1.2 Network Latency Managing geographically dispersed deployments of complex multitier applications involves dealing with the substantial effects of network latency [26] . Network latency is the delay occurring in data communication over networks. Network connection suffering from small delays are called low-latency network and long delays are high-latency. High latency greatly affects the communication bandwidth in network pipe. It is also highly responsible for creating bottlenecks in network communication as well as preventing the data from taking full advantage of the network pipe that effectively loss or decrease the communication bandwidth. The impact of latency on network bandwidth can be temporary or persistent based on the source of the delays [24] . Whether it is high latency or
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