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332 althougheven thoughthough m ? c d ? u ðằ ng

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33.2 Although/Even though/Though (m c d u) ðằ ng sau 3 c m t này ph i dùng m t m nh ñề hoàn ch nh (có c ch ng ñộ ng t ), không ñượ c dùng m t danh t . Although he has a physical handicap , he has become a successful businessman. Jane will be admitted to the university even though she has bad grades . N ế u though ñứ ng m t mình, cu i câu, tách bi t kh i câu chính b i d u ph y thì nó mang ngh ĩ a tuy nhiên. He promised to call me, till now I haven't received any call from him, though . 33.3 However + adj + S + linkverb = dù có . ... ñ i ch ă ng n a thì . ... However strong you are , you can't move this rock. 33.4 Although/ Albeit + Adjective/ Adverb/ Averbial Modifier Her appointment was a significant, althought/ albeit temporary success. Vi c bà y ñượ c b nhi m là m t thành công quan tr ng, nh ư ng d u sao c ũ ng ch là nh t th i) Her performed the task well, althought/ albeit slowly Anh ta th c hi n nhi m v ñ ó khá t t, tuy r ng ch m. 34. Nh ng ñộ ng t d gây nh m l n Nh ng ñộ ng t b ng sau r t d gây nh m l n v m t ng ngh ĩ a, chính t ho c phát âm. N i ñộ ng t Nguyên th Quá kh (P1) Quá kh phân t (P2) Verb-ing rise lie rose lay risen lain rising lying
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S ư u t m và thi ế t k ế b i Ph m Vi t V ũ - 101 – Tr ườ ng ðạ i H c Kinh T ế ð à N ng sit sat sat sitting Ngo i ñộ ng t Nguyên th Quá kh (P1) Quá kh phân t (P2) Verb-ing raise lay set raised laid set raised laid set raising laying setting To rise : Dâng lên, t nâng lên, t t ă ng lên. The sun rises early in the summer. Prices have risen more than 10% this year. He rose early so that he could play golf before the others. When oil and water mix, oil rises to the top. To raise smt/sb: Nâng ai, cái gì lên. The students raise their hands in class. OPEC countries have raised the price of oil. To lie: N m, , t i. To lie in: t i To lie down: n m xu ng. To lie on: n m trên. The university lies in the western section of town. Don't disturb Mary, she has laid down for a rest. * L ư u ý : C n phân bi t ñộ ng t này v i to lie (nói d i) trong m u câu to lie to sb about smt (nói d i ai v cái gì): He is lying to you about the test. To lay smt: ñặ t, ñể cái gì vào v trí nào ñ ó To lay smt on: ñặ t trên To lay smt in: ñặ t vào To lay smt down: ñặ t xu ng.
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332 AlthoughEven thoughThough m c d u ðằ ng

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