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FILM NOTES enron the smartest guys in the room

Guys with spikes o motivation money strippers love me

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Guys with Spikes o Motivation: money & strippers “Love Me, Love Me” o Stock markets kept going up o Biggest bull market o Top excess hand in their stocks Eventually cashed it in o Enron lost profits internationally o Merger with PGE; electricity & natural gas “Love for sale” o Analysts believed what Enron told them While Enron’s stocks kept rising, their businesses kept failing o Enron’s stock soared 34% in 2 days.
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o Enron used future predictions to make it look like a successful business Bandwidth trading The Emperor Has No Choice o Everything went down in the stock market dramatically o Cash flows change out of nowhere The Sorcerer’s Apprentice o Facts were covered due to the “apprentice” works o Figure out a way to keep stocks up even when enron was in major debt o Betting their own companies o Meryl Lynch bought/made a transaction towards Nigeria Ask Why, Asshole o Skilling knew that Enron was in trouble EES faced major loss “California” o Rolling Blackouts o How blackout affected the power/lack of supply o Deregulated electricity o Arbitrage opportunities o Traders discovered away to shoot prices up o Real money betting that the power outages increase money The Ship is Sinking o Doubts money start to surface; stocks dropped o When Skiling resigned, everything changed Jeffrey Has Left the Building o Fraud of many proportions; corporate crime o Gambling of Enron’s future; hoping stocks stay up o SEC investigated towards Enron “It was a wonderful life” o December 2001: Enron declared bankruptcy o Cliff Baxter commits suicide (2002) Weeks after Enron’s bankruptcy o Arthur Andersen 29.000 people lost their jobs o Enron’s lesson employees did not ask why
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