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2 the sanyosony plant closes down because the jobs

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2. The SANYO/SONY plant closes down because the jobs are being moved to Indonesia where the labor is cheaper. However, the workers of the plant not only lose their jobs, but they are not given the severance they lawfully deserve.
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Because they were given a lawyer that favors the company, the Workers’ Information Center, CITAC, and Mr. Jamie Cota are striving to win the case, earning them their severance and setting a precedent for future workers. The goal of SANYO/SONY is to irritate the workers to a point at which they will no longer try to fight for their rights. The women, however, will not let this happen. Their drive to earn what they deserve is a great example of women using their education in order to make advances, but this is exactly what companies do no want. Through fighting this battle, the women will prove to future workers that the companies must follow the law, and give them the pay they are promised. 3. Promotoras are advocates of the law. They are women who have worked in the factories and know what it is like but also know the law. These women have made changes in their daily lives, communities, and work lives. Their goal is to teach other women about their rights in the factory and continue to spread their knowledge. During the case of Metales y Derivados the women are battling a health issue. The Metales Company was a lead recycling company, but when it closed they simply left 6000 tons of the lead where it was. The lead pollutes the
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2 The SANYOSONY plant closes down because the jobs are...

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